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Bally Midway Tron Upright - Restoration

The Before Picture...

Name: Tron (Upright No. 628)
Manufacturer: Bally Midway
Year: Circa 1982
Dimensions: 70"H x 25"W x 36"D

Ongoing Restoration:

As I work on bringing back the beauty to this classic arcade game, I'm trying to document my work.

Restoration Blog

Tron Manual & Documents:

By the way, if you own a Tron game, don't pay the scamsters
on EBay money for a manual.  They are available freely on the
internet.  So as a public service to you, the classic game
restoration enthusiast, I have a copy here in PDF. 

Tron Arcade Manual
Tron Game Design Documents

Tron On Mame:

Dying to play this classic game again in the convenience of your home?

If you have mame plus and a copy of the original ROM (otherwise, you aren't permitted under law to do so), you can download the mame files here.

Tron (48 kb)
Discs of Tron (1962 kb)


The coolest thing I have found in the process of trying to restore my baby is the wealth of resources from people all over the globe that have walked in my shoes before me.  Here are some of the sites I used to help me understand the process.

- Restoration Sites

The Tron Project - A Good Game Gone Bad
The Coin-Op Museum - Tron Page
Tony's Tron Restoration
Peter Hirschberg's Tron Restoration
Rescue Tron
The Jaded Gamer
Atari Freak
Darth Nuno
Jerry's Arcade

- Electronics & Hardware

The Real Bob Roberts
Eldorado Games - Arcade Circuit Board Repair - molding for the Tron cabinet

- Reproduction Graphics

Phoenix Arcade - got the side art and shroud art here
Arcade Shop - spinner art and control panel


Here you will find artwork for the cabinet done by some talented folks on the net, archived here for your convenience.  Most are in .ai - Adobe Illustrator file format.

Control Panel
Joystick Insert
Marquee Graphic
Inner Art
Spinner Graphic
Tron Font


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